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DragonTribe Font Set

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Staked Font Set

DragonTribe© Monogram Font

Free font set, DragonTribe© is a gothic old english style typeface with a tribal art mix. I've already used these fonts in tattoo design pieces I've done in the past, and now I'm giving them out for free, here, to be used for your own tattoo design work or for your own print/web graphic work.


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Directions to Install: 1. Download Zip file. 2. Upack zip file. 3. Copy the.otf file (Open Type Font). 4. Paste in C:/Windows/Font directory. Fonts are now availble in all programs

GothamCity© Full Font

Free font set, GothamCity© is a gothic art deco design with a Bruce Timm's Batman flair. Long thin ornate swirls with a high class emotional look. GothamCity works well in upper or lower case with plenty of unique glyphs included.

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Staked© Full Font

Free font set, Staked© is a Van Helsing True Blood Buffy the Vampire Slayer Roman/Calibri type font. Lots of wooden stakes through the heart and blood splatters to go around plus extra glyphs staked as well. Very sharp!

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